Thursday, September 23, 2010


This week has just exploded with Things To Do. Today was the only day Lil Hoot and I have been home all week! So you know that Lady Bug for under $5 that I promised you...I apologize, but she's not ready yet. I will get her to you on Tuesday. I have been plugging away on filling orders and struggling to find time to participate in Kids Clothes Week Challenge. The second pair of pj pants did not go smoothly (teach me to do too much pattern tweaking) so it's on the back burner while I try something new and daring - a coat from Ottobre! Specifically the gray and black dot coat on the upper right.

Only thing that makes me nervous - my copy is in Finnish. It was a gift from a friend in Finland and I LOVE everything in this magazine. So I'm determined to make it regardless of language. And if you all remember...I made this little number for Grace's baby dedication back in the Spring, also from this issue.

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