Monday, May 31, 2010

Color Overhaul

Here at the Hoot's Nest we don't shy away from color. In fact, our house in Iowa was saturated with color.

And our new home is no exception. We brought the green of our living room in Iowa to the walls of our sun room and a new fresh green for the nursery.

Since time, money and energy have all been in short supply over the past year (we moved only 5 days after Lil Hoot was born), I have only painted the sun room. (My family was kind enough to paint the nursery for us prior to Lil Hoot's arrival last spring.) The time has come to tackle another room, and this time we are focused the room to which Lil Hoot will move once she has outgrown the nursery. It is currently a garish red and has a border of construction trucks that was peeling from the walls. I have nothing against red or construction equipment in general, but it just doesn't work for us. Lil Hoot's favorite color is orange, she always chooses orange, but we thought that orange might be a little too stimulating. We really want to encourage sleep in this room so we have chosen a more tranquil color...which I will reveal in due time. For now, the border is coming down and the primer is going up.

Friday, May 28, 2010

OPEN for business!

Is now open for business! Please share the news!

My first line is something special for the 4th of July.

Organic cotton onesies and organic cotton/recycled polyester blend onesies in gray, red and blue with appliqued designs. Each can be personalized with a child's name if requested. I also have conventional shirts available for toddlers, please send me an email for availability and pricing if you are interested in a larger size.

Shopping Cart Covers

I have had several requests for shopping cart covers. I really prefer to do shopping cart covers and diaper bags as custom orders. This allows the buyer to get exactly what they need - more pockets, different style bags, straps, choose fabric, etc.

More products will be launching soon - stay in touch by following my blog or send me an email and I will send updates directly to you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coming Soon!

Let the countdown begin! On May 28th, I will be launching an Etsy shop with various handmade items for babies and toddlers. Soon to follow will be an online store for Custom Embroidery, to include everything from names on baby blankets to company logo t-shirts. Bookmark the site:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alphabet Books

Cover Pages - "Guide Book", "Child's Zoo Book"

A = Alligator, Apple
B = Butterfly, Blueberries
C = Cat, Cupcake, Cow
D = Duck, Dog, Dinosaur, Dragon
E = Elephant
F = Flamingo, Frog, Flowers
G = Giraffe, Gingerbread man/woman
H = Hippo, Hedgehog
I = Iguana, Ice Cream
J = Jellyfish, Jack'o'Lantern
K = Kangaroo, Kiwi bird
L = Llama, Lady bug
M = Monkey
N = Newt, Nuts
O = Owl, Octopus, Orca
P = Penguin, Pizza
Q = Queen Bee, Queen's Crown
R = Rabbit, Raccoon, Rhino
S = Snake, Strawberry, Snowman, Snowflake
T = Turtle, Tiger
U = Unicorn, Umbrella, Unagi (sushi)
V = Viper, Vampire Bat, Veggies, Vanilla Ice Cream/Cupcake
W = Walrus, Watermelon
X = Xenops (bird), X-ray Fish
Y = Yak, Yo-yo
Z = Zebra, Zoo

*Many designs are still in development, please contact me for additional information.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Create-a-Story Books

Create-a-Story Books bring the child into the heart of a specially crafted, handmade just for them quiet book.  It all starts with a name - the child's name - and then builds into a one-of-a-kind story or rhyme.  I work with you to create a story or rhyme befitting of the child who receives the book.  I print the finalized story onto a card and place it in a pocket on the back of the story book; as well as emailing the final story to you.

Some example stories:

Eva's Elephant

Little Miss Eva has an Elephant
He's very well-behaved. 
He lives out behind her house
in a little patch of shade.

They play together everyday
in the grass and sun and sand.
He's very kind and gentle. 
He even holds her hand!

They pick flowers in the morning,
sing in the afternoon.
They eat their Vegetables for dinner
then sleep beneath the moon.

Miss Eva loves her elephant,
he keeps her safe from harm.
Her brother has an Alligator,
who always gives alarm!

© 2010 Mama Hoot Designs

Hungry, Hungry Gabriel

Gabriel is a hungry fellow making his way to the kitchen from his room. This is what he finds along the way. (Grown-ups, please use your imagination to see that these are not just "toys" on the floor.)

Hungry, Hungry Gabriel went out for lunch one day
And couldn't quite believe what he found along the way.

First he saw Giraffe so tall, like his friend Mr. Rob.
Next a fearsome Alligator, who some call Smilin' Bob.

Then he found a big ol' Bear who looked a lot like Pooh.
But he kept on walking, not sure what to do.

Just around the corner he found a Rocket ship,
Blue and red and shiny, he thought about a trip.

But no, no time for Mars today, there's Ice Cream up ahead.
He set on about his way, he had to use his head.

Surely he could find his lunch, his tummy started to rumble,
But what a tricky path today - be careful not to tumble!

When all the sudden he spotted now a great big Elephant!
He gave him a pat on the trunk, but onward still he went.

And finally right before his eyes - LUNCH!
© 2010 Mama Hoot Designs

It pains me to have to say this, but I must - please do not steal my stories.  I work hard to create them for the intended child.  If you have interest in using or reprinting one of my stores, please contact me - I'm sure we can work something out.