Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eva's Elephant

My laptop is up and running again so without further ado...it's story time again!

Miss Eva has an Elephant.
He's very well-behaved.
He lives out behind her house
In a little patch of shade.

They play together everyday
In the grass and sun and sand.
He's very kind and gentle.
He even holds her hand!

They pick flowers in the morning,
Sing in the afternoon.
They eat their Vegetables for dinner
Then sleep beneath the moon.

Miss Eva loves her elephant,
he keeps her safe from harm.
Her brother has an Alligator,
who always gives alarm!

© 2010 Mama Hoot Designs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Time: Eli Goes Camping

This week's theme - story time! First up, Eli Goes Camping...

One starry night
Out the door Eli went,
In the yard, not too far,
With his pack and his tent.

He laid down on his blanket
And started to sleep,
But outside he saw
Something starting to creep.

It was big and noisy
With a long, long nose.
It must be an Elephant
With a trunk like a hose.

And right behind it
Something started to growl.
It must be a Lion…
But then it let out a howl!

Then into his tent
Came Bailey and Rocky,
Happy to join him,
All slobbery and barky.

After all the excitement,
He started to dream,
Of puppies and kisses
And sweet Ice Cream.

© 2010 Mama Hoot Designs

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunflower "Growing Like a Weed" Growth Chart

We have a pretty yellow flowered "weed" here in Missouri that overtakes the ditches in the fall. I recently found that they are called "swamp sunflowers". Rather than the tall straight stalk with one large flower at the top of a traditional sunflower, it grows like it is forming its own bouquet of sunflowers - which I love. And thus, the inspiration for my Sunflower "Growing Like a Weed" Growth Chart!

So that's where I started. Then, I sketched out a design (I often do this while Lil Hoot and I are having art time). This time we were playing with markers.

Then I take this idea and head to my computer to create the panels for stitch-out on my machine. I stitch out the charts in 12" sections.

Then I gather up all the supplies and start putting it together. No two charts are exactly the same, I make some small changes here and there along the way each time. I absolutely love the creation process. I love having an idea, putting it on paper, then into the computer, looking at this pile of canvas, felt, thread, velcro and any other random supplies, and then in a matter of hours it comes together to form something entirely new.

What a grand ability God has shared with us - to be creative.
It is such a wonderful blessing!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barnyard Days

I hope you all didn't miss me too much on Tuesday. Big Hoot has been working long hours and all this sole-parenting to Lil' Hoot has been wearing me out! Since Big Hoot had to work the weekend Lil' Hoot and I decided to head down to see my family and attend Barnyard Days on Saturday morning.

Barnyard Days is an arts & crafts festival along with entertainment, a petting zoo, horse rides, antique tractors, etc. True to its name, it's held in and around the barns of the Circle R Ranch just north of Neosho, MO. Here's a little peek at our trip:
Petting Horses

Feeding Goats

Balloon Flower
I also discovered that Lil' Hoot isn't so fond of clowns. The Balloon artist was dressed as a clown and she was fine with him from afar. Then he went to give her the flower and tears ensued.
She was quite fond of the flower bracelet though.

And my find of the day...

Blue Mountain Woodworks

It's a father-son venture located in the Ozarks (Timbo, Arkansas). They use native Ozarkian wood to create beautiful pieces - the cutting boards, bowls & cups that you see above as well as custom-made furniture. I am lucky enough to be receiving a beautiful cutting board for Christmas this year. (Thanks Mom!) And guess what else folks - they have an Etsy shop!


They are still new to Etsy and I have lobbied Paul to get some bowls and cups in the shop for Christmas purchases, but stop by and show them some handmade-love! And if you are in the area, check them out at the War Eagle Craft Fair in Hindsville, AR next week.