Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bedroom and Bathroom Reveals feels weird to post these photos since we sold this house back in the summer, but it was my promised next post.  Plus, it did take up all of my project time last Spring.

In the bathroom I painted the cabinets, touched up the trim, changed out the handles on the cabinets, and put in new towel racks.  I really loved it once it was all done.

 In the bedroom I patched the walls, painted, and added some curtains.  It doesn't seem like a lot once it's all written down but the walls needed a lot of work and the ceilings are so high, plus all the trim work around the windows.  It was easier than the bathroom, but certainly not a quick job.  All in all though doing it myself saved us over $2,000 (trust me, I had it quoted).

And I have no doubt that the makeover helped sell the house quickly. And as we've been renting since the house sold and will be until June 2016 - I have a nice long break from painting.  I felt like a professional by the time we were done at the Raymore house.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My First Stitch Fix

My first blog post in almost 18 months and it's all about me?
A whole post with just pictures of me?
I don't know if that's a good idea.
Maybe if I just take a bunch of silly ones...

But seriously, this post is only kinda about me.  It's mostly about this new thing I stumbled upon called Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is this great service where a stylist goes shopping for you then ships you some really cool new clothes (or accessories).  If that sounds cool to you please consider using my link to sign up:  Stitch Fix referral

My first thought was, "Cool enough but I'm sure there's no way I can afford it."  Wrong.  It's $20 to schedule a "fix" but that money is applied toward your purchase after you get your items.  You get to pick how much you would normally spend on items.  I saw someone who said "but if the average item is $65 and they send you 5 items then your fix will be an average of $325!"  Kinda - first, apply your $20 to that total and if you chose to keep everything then they give you 25% off.  But, the affordability comes from the fact that there's no obligation to keep everything, or anything.  So when I got my clothes then I tried them on, chose what I liked and what fit, then the rest ships back for free.  And they even give me recommendations on how to wear what they send.

I checked out their blog and some bloggers who had tried the service.  Then decided to give it a shot.  After all, I don't really like shopping for clothes and my wardrobe desperately needs some style.  The service got popular faster than they thought so I had to wait a bit for my "fix".  It finally came this week and I was not disappointed.

Items 1 & 2: printed mini-skirt and gray crocheted neck slub knit t-shirt
I was a little concerned that I'd get whatever items seemed trendy and that everyone's fixes would look similar, but the more I looked around at other people's fixes after I got my own I realized that mine was certainly customized to me.  The five items I received were a bit bohemian, a bit romantic, and a bit casual.  I decided not to keep the mini skirt - it was a bit too "mini" for me - or the gray slub knit.  I liked the crocheted neckline but I made a commitment to myself about a year ago to not buy anymore gray.  I have more than enough, especially considering how much I love color.

Items 2 & 3: Bohemian print drawstring dress and a jean jacket
So how can a stylist whom I've never met pick items that reflect "me"?  First, I filled out their style profile that asks about my body type and style preferences.  It was fun and comprehensive without being too long.  Then I gave them a link to my Pinterest board that includes fashion that I like.  I didn't notice (but my stylist did) that a lot of the outfits I selected on Pinterest had a jean jacket.  Unfortunately because of my body type the jacket they sent didn't work, but it's on my radar and I know what shops carry petite sizes where I can sometimes find more structured items that work for me.

But I did like the drawstring dress...
Ooh fun!  And oh-so-comfy, especially with leggings.
For me, the goal is to expand my wardrobe with interchangeable pieces that will build upon my current wardrobe - and get me out of "Mom" clothes (read: sloppy t-shirt and jeans) and into clothes that I like.  I also noticed as I put on "real" clothes and headed out the door this evening that it's taking me a bit outside my comfort zone.  I've always admired the women I know who look "put together" and like they care about style, but some part of me always felt awkward or like I was "trying too hard" and what if...I mean...what if people look at me? it should look like I try to dress myself nicely, then what will people have to say?  "Gee you look nice today."  Yeah, that'd be awful.  

This one is my favorite.
Another Bohemian print dress

And don't worry if you don't like what they picked for me - that's okay.  They'll pick out clothes you like for you!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my link:  Stitch Fix referral

Sneak peek at the next post...