Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bedroom and Bathroom Reveals feels weird to post these photos since we sold this house back in the summer, but it was my promised next post.  Plus, it did take up all of my project time last Spring.

In the bathroom I painted the cabinets, touched up the trim, changed out the handles on the cabinets, and put in new towel racks.  I really loved it once it was all done.

 In the bedroom I patched the walls, painted, and added some curtains.  It doesn't seem like a lot once it's all written down but the walls needed a lot of work and the ceilings are so high, plus all the trim work around the windows.  It was easier than the bathroom, but certainly not a quick job.  All in all though doing it myself saved us over $2,000 (trust me, I had it quoted).

And I have no doubt that the makeover helped sell the house quickly. And as we've been renting since the house sold and will be until June 2016 - I have a nice long break from painting.  I felt like a professional by the time we were done at the Raymore house.

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