Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puppet Time!

We noticed some time ago that Lil Hoot will pay attention to our hands acting as puppets even without having a real puppet. I started searching for puppets, and not dinky little finger puppets, no I wanted a real hand puppet. I figured it couldn't be too hard to make one and I haven't had any luck finding one in a store so.... I searched the net for how to make a puppet and found this great tutorial on eHow - How to Make Puppets Of course, I added my own touches and changed a few things based on the materials I had available. The first puppet is certainly a bit...uh..."special", but the first one is always the worst one and Lil Hoot isn't picky. The second puppet I had a better idea of how things come together. I was a bit more careful and just generally took more time to make things symmetrical.

Matt had fun voicing the puppets!

Lil Hoot wasn't sure what to think, but she likes the orange one's hair.

Now, I don't think these puppets will work well for toddlers or kiddos - they're held together primarily with hot glue and the mouth is cardboard. If I want to make a more lasting puppet then I'll have to do some more tweaking.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lil Hoot's Boheme Sweater

I just finished up this sweater - Boheme. I used the 6 month size pattern but my gauge is tighter than hers so it's smaller than intended, which works well for me since Lil Hoot is on the tiny side. I followed the pattern word for word until the bind off. I didn't want to do a picot edge so I searched the internet for a crochet scallop and did that instead. I had the the dragonfly buttons in my stash and had been dying to find something for them!

Lil Pink Kimono Sweater

I knit up this kimono sweater for Lil Hoot in case there were some chilly Spring mornings. However, we moved to Missouri so quickly and it was a rather hot June here so she had no need to wear it. Until last Sunday, when it was a very chilly July morning. To my surprise and delight it's actually still a bit big on her even though I knit it to the newborn size specifications. It looks as though she may still be able to wear it for awhile.

We tried out her other pair of baby booties this week too and, contrary to everything else, they're too small. Actually, they're just too short. Since she has her daddy's long, skinny feet and toes she's going to be needing longer socks, shoes, etc. Only problem about that is they tend to be too big around then, so I guess there will probably be a need for me to make her some more booties and soft-soled shoes for awhile!

I really didn't make too many things for her before she was born. She's slowly growing into the things I have made, so I'll post them from time to time. I'm still crafting here and there, sometimes because it's needed - like curtains for our kitchen - and sometimes just to take a little break from housework and baby raising - like a new fall sweater for Lil Hoot.