Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puppet Time!

We noticed some time ago that Lil Hoot will pay attention to our hands acting as puppets even without having a real puppet. I started searching for puppets, and not dinky little finger puppets, no I wanted a real hand puppet. I figured it couldn't be too hard to make one and I haven't had any luck finding one in a store so.... I searched the net for how to make a puppet and found this great tutorial on eHow - How to Make Puppets Of course, I added my own touches and changed a few things based on the materials I had available. The first puppet is certainly a bit...uh..."special", but the first one is always the worst one and Lil Hoot isn't picky. The second puppet I had a better idea of how things come together. I was a bit more careful and just generally took more time to make things symmetrical.

Matt had fun voicing the puppets!

Lil Hoot wasn't sure what to think, but she likes the orange one's hair.

Now, I don't think these puppets will work well for toddlers or kiddos - they're held together primarily with hot glue and the mouth is cardboard. If I want to make a more lasting puppet then I'll have to do some more tweaking.

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