Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make-shift Mobile

Lil Hoot's room has been void of anything other than necessities until recently. Once she started sleeping in the room for naps I decided that it would probably be nice to put some things in it for her to look at, especially when she decided that she wanted to talk herself to sleep in her crib rather than have me soothe her to sleep. So I finally got the artwork done that I'd been planning for about 8 months (I'll post on that later) and decided to find something to make a simple mobile.

We had some stuffed animals left over from her pack 'n' play which came with a play gym that she never liked so I swiped those, bought a wooden star and sunshine at Michael's, painted them with some Folk Art paints and strung it all together with a cheap ribbon from Wal-Mart. It's not the fanciest and it does lean a bit to one side, but she thinks it's fun and spends a bit of time babbling at the animals. I'm sure glad she's not too picky!

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