Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before I Became a Mom

Prior to being Lil Hoot's Mom I couldn't truly understand (despite having been told)...

  • the importance of nap times
  • the challenge of breastfeeding
  • how difficult cloth diapering could be
  • being insecure and indecisive so often
  • what to do all day with an infant
But now...

  • I do everything I can to make sure Lil Hoot gets her naps
  • we spent 5 weeks getting breastfeeding right
  • we are still trying to fit into cloth diapers
  • I pray constantly for confidence
  • I could watch her play or sleep or eat for hours
Other things I've noticed...

  • I never wear shoes
  • My back always aches
  • I'm the first to clean up bodily fluids - poo, pee, puke, you name it - and the last one to get the chance to eat
  • No matter how hard I try, I never make it to bed early

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