Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Time: Eli Goes Camping

This week's theme - story time! First up, Eli Goes Camping...

One starry night
Out the door Eli went,
In the yard, not too far,
With his pack and his tent.

He laid down on his blanket
And started to sleep,
But outside he saw
Something starting to creep.

It was big and noisy
With a long, long nose.
It must be an Elephant
With a trunk like a hose.

And right behind it
Something started to growl.
It must be a Lion…
But then it let out a howl!

Then into his tent
Came Bailey and Rocky,
Happy to join him,
All slobbery and barky.

After all the excitement,
He started to dream,
Of puppies and kisses
And sweet Ice Cream.

© 2010 Mama Hoot Designs

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