Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunflower "Growing Like a Weed" Growth Chart

We have a pretty yellow flowered "weed" here in Missouri that overtakes the ditches in the fall. I recently found that they are called "swamp sunflowers". Rather than the tall straight stalk with one large flower at the top of a traditional sunflower, it grows like it is forming its own bouquet of sunflowers - which I love. And thus, the inspiration for my Sunflower "Growing Like a Weed" Growth Chart!

So that's where I started. Then, I sketched out a design (I often do this while Lil Hoot and I are having art time). This time we were playing with markers.

Then I take this idea and head to my computer to create the panels for stitch-out on my machine. I stitch out the charts in 12" sections.

Then I gather up all the supplies and start putting it together. No two charts are exactly the same, I make some small changes here and there along the way each time. I absolutely love the creation process. I love having an idea, putting it on paper, then into the computer, looking at this pile of canvas, felt, thread, velcro and any other random supplies, and then in a matter of hours it comes together to form something entirely new.

What a grand ability God has shared with us - to be creative.
It is such a wonderful blessing!

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  1. such an adorable growing chart....have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*