Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loose Ends

Right now, most of my energy is going toward taking care of this unhappy fellow. Hoot Dog isn't feeling so good. He has seasonal allergies that attack him in the fall. Last year was mild and didn't require a trip to the vet, so I was hoping that our move meant that his allergies wouldn't flare up here in Missouri. I was wrong. He's back scratching, nibbling and generally causing himself harm. We have an appointment at a specialty clinic this afternoon (since long term use of the steroids given at most local clinics cause kidney failure and other horrible side effects).

Until then, I'm trimming threads and doing final construction on this Rocket Ship growth chart.

It's only my second growth chart, but I am close to working out most of the kinks. So don't judge me until it's completely, but here it is about 75% complete.

And a few sets of fabric letters. This project needed some tweaking as well but I finally found a combination that works for me. The top fabric is a designer cotton that coordinates to the letter (B for blueberries, C for cupcakes, L for lion, etc.). The back is a coordinating fleece or flannel so it will stick to a felt or flannel quiet board or book. And sandwiched in between is a layer of flannel (in this case an upcycled bed sheet). With the multiple lines of stitching this gives the letters a bit of stiffness but still keeps them soft. I chose to trim the edges with pinking shears because I think it looks neat and minimizes the fraying, which is still an intentional part of the project but I like a slightly frayed look over complete chaos.

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