Monday, September 27, 2010

Lady Bug for under $5

An extension of the Lady Bug Tutorial - but how to make it for less than $5.
*Pictures will be posted shortly.

A point regarding materials - check the remnants bin for felt & fleece. You don't need more than half a yard of red fleece for a toddler size lady bug and mere scraps of black felt, or you can get 1 - 12" square for 30 cents, sometimes less. If you don't have elastic scraps on hand, it's cheapest by the yard.


1/2 yd. red fleece
12" black felt square
1 yd. - 1/2" elastic
12" plate (or circle template)
16" plate (or circle template)
lids/circle templates of various sizes
chalk/marking pen
straight pins
measuring tape

Follow the Lady Bug Tutorial steps #1-4, skip the zipper installation.

6. Determine the position of your straps. Ideally you can measure the child from armpit to armpit to determine placement. However, if you cannot then I suggest you use a well-fitting article of their clothing and measure from there. I placed the top of the straps approximately 7" apart and 3" from the top of the circle. I placed the lower strap markings 3" below the top markings.

7. Rather than using black mesh, simply make the straps from your red fleece and scraps of elastic. Cut 2 strips - 2"x 10" of red fleece. Sew a tube using a 1/4" seam allowance then flip it right side out.

8. Cut a 7" piece of elastic. (Or measure the child's arms at the shoulder and then add an inch.) Slide the elastic through the tube. Then fold the ends into the tube and stitch shut.

9. Sew straps to back as marked.

10. Place right sides together and sew around the edges. Be sure to leave a hand-size hole through which to turn the case right-side out and then to stuff.

11. Finish as though sewing a pillow - stuff, then slip stitch the opening closed.

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