Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm Back Baby!

What better way to re-start the blog than with Friends?!

That's right I'm officially back from my graduate school hiatus...and renovating a house, and selling it, and moving - twice.  One thing I learned from moving twice within six months is that I had too much junk for my hobbies.  And too many hobbies.  I had a bag of stuff for jewelry, a 4 drawer tote of scrapbooking supplies, box after box of fabric, a tote and a half of yarn, a box of items to eventually upcycled, a box of doomed Unfinished Objects, the list could go on.  I paired it down once when I first packed up while staging the house, then again when we packed up the storage unit, and again when we repacked the storage unit.  I thought I got rid of lots of stuff.  

Then, we unpacked at our final destination and I still had almost a dozen boxes (of various sizes) of "stuff".  I fit most of it into my allotted craft storage space, but I'm still overflowing by two totes and a large bag of stuffing/foam.  So here's my plan:
  1. Tackle the items in my "Fix It" pile
  2. Complete planned projects
  3. Use my stash to make fun items to GIVE AWAY
So...coming soon I will post pictures and then you guys can claim it.  If you need me to ship it, all you pay is cost of shipping (which should be $5 or less, nothing larger than a Priority mail flat rate envelope is planned).  I get to keep creating and my end products get a place to be loved.  I consider that a win-win.  Anything you recommend I try?  I have tons of fleece and felt.

Right now - I am practicing (and I need a lot of practice) paper piecing so I can make some fun pillows with that large bag of stuffing/foam.  And finally using all the fun fabrics I've been collecting for (literally) years for an I-Spy quilt for the kids (before they outgrow thinking it's fun).  Grace helped me pick out some of the fabrics, lay them out, and move them all around into a pattern. To those of you who donated fabric or allowed me to purchase some of your scraps for the I-Spy quilt - THANK YOU!  Please let me return the favor soon.

 The five pointed star is giving me fits on the last seam - any body have tips?

It kills me a little bit that it's so random, but I could have spent hours debating and arranging. I am truly grateful that Grace was so helpful and decisive in her choices. 

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