Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homeschool Rules

We are transitioning our oldest from public school to homeschool.  She is really excited, but I know from past experience there were inevitably be days when motivation wanes and negativity creeps in.  Just like there are rules at school away from home, there need to be clear rules in place at home. I started over at Confessions of a Homeschooler with the Day 3 Enrichment post.  Keeping in mind the most important commandment to "Love God, love others" (Matt. 22:36-38), my husband and I settled on the following:

1. Show respect. (Exodus 20:12)
2. Be kind. (Eph. 4:32)
3. Work hard. (Col. 3:23; Prov. 16:3)
4. Pray all the time. (1 Th. 5:17)
5. Help each other. (Eph. 4:2-3)
6. Be positive. (Phil. 2:14-15, Prov. 17:22, 1 Th. 5:18)
7. Give thanks. (Eph. 5:20, Ps. 107:1)

In many ways some of the rules - like "Be kind," and "Love other," overlap - but for our kids and their current ages we wanted to emphasize a few specifics in order to help with character development.

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