Monday, January 12, 2015

Homeschool Preschool Schedule

Things have been pretty crazy around here for the past year between me working on and off, finishing graduate school, renovating and selling a house, moving across town, then moving states.  The only thing routine about life has been the lack of routine.  Transitioning now (finally) into a calmer state of affairs, I find myself again at home with a toddler.  However this toddler is entirely different than my last one.  Boy Hoot learns differently, with less structure and more action.  So while I previously put together loosely structured lessons for Lil' Hoot's homeschool preschool at an even earlier age than Boy Hoot - he's not ready.  So I gathered up some resources from the Internet and Pinterest. Then sat down to give it some thought.

Questions to Ask
  1. What is important for my toddler to learn? (And why?)
  2. What does my toddler love to do?
  3. How much time do we need to spend outside of the house?
  4. What is the best time of day for my toddler to do _______ activity?
  5. What are my resources?
My two children are very different so the answers to these questions for Boy Hoot were a departure from how I approached preschool in the past.  For example, Boy Hoot dislikes leaving the house for any reason (even if it's fun) so I know that one outing a week is really all he can handle right now.  I also know that his naps are unreliable so if there is something I really want him to learn or focus on then it better be something I teach earlier in the morning.  

Next I went searching for free printable cards to make a Daily Routine Chart.  However, I didn't find one that fit what we needed so I made up my own.  Click above for a copy in case it's helpful to you.  For us, what time we do things and how long we spend on activities varies quite a bit from day to day and for Boy Hoot that doesn't seem to matter so I just post the picture that corresponds with the activity and we walk through them together.  Our routine looks like this:
  • Potty, Breakfast, Get Dressed
  • Chores
  • Calendar Time
  • Music
  • Potty Break
  • Guided Choice Time (Snack) - This makes up most of our morning.  He can choose the activity but I have already grouped the bins.  I try to lead him to new activities and work with him to develop skills through play.  Examples include: puppets, art, musical instruments, play doh
  • Outside Time (if possible)
  • Bible Time
  • Lunch 
  • Potty Break
  • Outside/Active Time
  • Reading
  • Potty Break
  • Quiet Time/Nap
  • Potty Break
  • Free Choice Time/Play with sister 
On Wednesday we take a morning outing so that replaces Guided Choice Time for the day.  This routine also works in conjunction with sister's homeschool Kindergarten schedule so that Boy Hoot is busy at the same time as sister.  He is free to join us, but sister enjoys sit down work more than brother so his visits are typically brief.

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