Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'I Got the Bird'

Big Hoot, Lil Hoot and I all have different nutrition needs which means that sometimes I make different things for all of us but within the same meal. We have cut down to red meat only once a week - Big Hoot had his portion on Saturday as a cheeseburger, but Lil Hoot and I did not. By Monday I was feeling rather fatigued. I am prone to anemia, despite a daily multi-vitman and red meat usually helps, so for dinner I made a steak for Lil Hoot and I while Big Hoot had chicken.

Apparently he was telling a co-worker about this meal the next day, as sort of a sob story. His co-worker told him that it sounded like a good country song. That's when my dear husband wrote and sent me this little chorus:

Last night I ate chicken and she ate steak

I don't know what I did to deserve this heartache

She told me she don't love me no more, without a single word

Last night she got the cow, and I got the bird
©2010 Hootman

The way he sings it, it rhymes. And don't worry - it's just a song, he knows he's still loved...and why he got the chicken.

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