Monday, June 28, 2010

Crayon Buckets

Lil Hoot is just starting to enjoy crayons for their intended purpose (instead of eating them). She also loves taking out and putting away the crayons but it's a bit tricky for her to get them in and out of the box on her own. (Of course she must do it on her own.) She's not ready for a crayon roll or a portfolio so I headed to my supply closet though and found a better idea - a Crayon Bucket.

In my closet I found old (clean) infant cereal containers, complete with lids. (I tend to save anything that I think could become a good craft project.) I know I could just have her stick the crayons in the bucket as-is but what fun is that? I can't cover it with paper or tape because my child has the amazing ability to peel both off no matter how it is secured. Perfect solution - the fabric covered crayon bucket, which also allows for a nifty carrying handle.

Lil Hoot is already enjoying hers. She takes the crayons out, puts them back in, takes the lid off, puts it back on, carries it around the room - even shows it off to her grandparents.

Get a crayon bucket for your little one from my Etsy Shop or stay tuned tomorrow for a Tutorial and a Giveaway!


  1. I'm looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. Little Hoot is adorable!

    Cute buckets! I used formula cans for a project a couple of years ago for a business' promotion :-)