Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Mariposa Dress

My DH made me super nervous as he was clicking, not letting me pose or anything. So I just starting being silly. I am being courageous and sharing my silly with you...because I love the shoes. They were a gift and they didn't last long but I love them. :-)
Easter Mariposa Dress Funny

For Easter I made the non-maternity version of Anna Maria Horner's Mariposa Dress. I used fabric from Jo-Ann's Lisette collection. It's so soft and wonderful. I love it. I made more than a few mistakes in my sleep-deprived state but all-in-all it worked out really well. I love the dress. It's wearable and it is great for nursing. What more can I ask for? Especially since it cost less than $20 to make!
Easter Mariposa Dress

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