Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Dress

I can't believe I am this far ahead of things.  Normally I would be desperately stitching up a dress the night before Easter, only for her to wear it to church with the lining unsewn or still stitching on buttons until the minute before she needs to put it on.  Not this time!  The buttons are sewn, the sash is finished and I even added a couple of hooks to make sure it stays closed.  I feel so accomplished!

I used The Party Dress pattern and tutorial from The Cottage Home.  It's a wonderful pattern and tutorial.  The only thing I did different was to fully line the dress including the skirt because the cotton I chose was too sheer to leave the skirt unlined.  The only thing I plan to do differently in the future is make the button loops a tad smaller, but that is simply my personal preference.

 The fabric is from Jo-Ann's Lisette collection.  I am really enjoying this collection.  I ordered two prints for myself and this dress is made from the leftovers.  I wish I had found a coordinating solid fabric that was softer but I didn't have any luck so the sash is a bit stiffer than I would prefer it to be.

I asked her to show me her dress so she stuck her hip out to "show" it to me.

Now then, time to start on my own dress before school gets underway again.  Isn't this how all the cool kids spend their Spring Break?


  1. Oh my goodness, Charity! How cute is she! This dress is absolutely adorable! Love the color, too! Hope you're doing well! :)

  2. Thanks Helen! I hope you're enjoying life with two. It's quite an adjustment, isn't it?