Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re-Visiting My List

A few months back I published a list of Stuff To Make and now that I have reached the third trimester I thought I would re-evaluate and see where I'm at before I make a new list.

The Old Lists:

My List

  1. Two Maternity Dresses - Mariposa Dress and Empire Waist Dress - Mostly done, just need someone to help me pin the hem length and a side dart.  I actually made three maternity things for myself recently.
  2. Blossom Blouse for myself and Lil Hoot - On the fence now about this one, I may have another pattern instead.
  3. Sun Hats for myself and Lil Hoot - Made one for Lil Hoot and found an old booney cap that's been working great for me.
  4. Central Park Quilt for Lil Hoot's room and some throw pillows/pillow shams. - Quilt is done but the pillows are still in the works.
  5. Spectrum Quilt for our new baby - Not gonna happen yet, but I have a different quilt planned for pre-arrival.
  6. Collaborative Wall Art with Lil Hoot for her new room - Completed and just waiting to be hung.
  7. Finish Lil Hoot's Robin Hood Jacket - Done, except for buttons - still searching.
  8. Knit a sweater for The Kid - Undecided on the pattern still, winter hats for both kids are going to come first.

For Others List

  1. Camera Bag - Done
  2. Two Growth Charts - Slated for this month
  3. Three Summer Dresses - Done
  4. Two Mini-Quilts - Revised
  5. Henny Penny - Revised
  6. Crib Quilt - Revised
Whew.  And there's some stuff I have done that isn't even on that list, which you'll see popping up on the blog soon.  I'm feeling better and better now about my accomplishments this summer.  So now it's time for the New List.  I have two baby showers left this fall and one new arrival who is need of a little something.

New List
  1. Finish up maternity dresses/tops and get them in my wardrobe!
  2. Buttons for Lil Hoot's RHJ.
  3. Winter hats all around.
  4. Pillows for Lil Hoot's bed.
  5. Lunch tote for Big Hoot.
  6. Growth Charts - 4 of them.
  7. Sid shirt for Lil Hoot.
  8. New baby onesies.
  9. Flannel quilt for The Boy Hoot (new baby).
  10. Learn to overdye fabric and use up all those cotton knits in my closet as pjs and onesies.
  11. Finish up my quilt bee blocks.
Now then...where to start?


  1. Wow looks like you did good on your list and have some great new goals...

  2. Thanks, I did much better than I realized. And if I don't write things down then I end up turning in circles in my studio going, "what do I do now?"