Monday, January 31, 2011

Studio Reorganization

Some how, after every project, my studio is an overwhelming disaster.  I knew after the holidays were over that I needed to find a solution.  I cannot work in chaos, it sucks the life right out of me.  So here's what I started with:

I'm pretty embarressed to even admit to these photos, but it's the truth.  It just wasn't working for me.  So I cleaned out and reorganized.

 I started with my closets.  I couldn't see what I had so I ended up dragging it all out into my work space and digging through it.  I pulled out all my fabric and separated it by type and color.  Then I organized my scraps the same way, using the ziplock bags and bins to hold them.  Same for ribbons, bias tapes, etc.  I used an old embroidery floss box to separate buttons.  The large boxes at the bottom of one closet hold yards of apparel fabric that are waiting for the some day that I need them.  As well as clothing that waits to be repurposed.

And I cleaned out all the rest of my shelves, getting rid of anything without purpose.  I rearranged so that I can use the extra boards and shelves from our garage and we don't have to buy anything new.  I now use the shelves beneath my cutting table to hold completed orders that need to be shipped and current projects (and their supplies).

So far, so good - my studio is working much better.  Even when I do make a mess, it's faster to clean up.  Of course, it also takes some discipline to put things away as soon as I am done with them rather than thinking to myself, "I'll pick it all up at the end." 


  1. Wow...the redo is awesome!! My room is similar, so don't feel at all bad about it--at least yours is not clean (unlike mine.)

    I was wondering if you knew that there is a post "on" your blog by someone called Roger from Audi Manual or something (???) It appeared on my blog feed thing under your name and blog but takes me to another blog.

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  3. Lizzi - you bring up a good point though and why he would want the "MamaHootDesigns" blog is odd to me. But, for any others who are getting Roger under their blog feed just update your feed to come in from and you won't see Roger anymore.

    I apologize for the confusion! In hindsight I obviously should have kept the MHD blog name to avoid this problem. Sorry!

  4. Looks great! I'll admit my workspace (and by that I mean my desk and the surrounding area) bears a strong resemblance to the "before" pictures. :) Maybe this weekend is the time to change that, hmm...