Sunday, October 2, 2016

Project 333 - the After

Last week I cleaned out my closet and took inventory. And I mean massive purge not just, "Oh I haven't worn this in a while." I followed the blog post "How to Finally Clean Out Your Closet for Good" as part of #project333. She really talks about the emotions of the project, and I was surprised to find that I felt nervous about it. Most of these clothes I have had for a long time. It wasn't because I *love* them but because I felt that I needed them. Or I might need them. And at one time, I did need them. But I committed myself to this project and laid it all out...literally...
Over 200 items collected over the course of 20 years. It's hard to believe that's even possible given that I barely go shopping. How did I get so much "stuff"?! Here's what I noticed, maybe you can relate. There were really four distinct "wardrobes" in my closet.
  1. Business Professional - What I wore when I worked in a law firm
  2. Mommy Wear - What I wore while pregnant and nursing (and beyond even though I shouldn't have)
  3. Business Casual - What I wore when I was teaching professionally
  4. Free/Clearance Items - What I wore when I was sick of Mommy Wear but too cheap to buy new clothes
Also, a random smattering of stuff I bought and really liked wearing but it probably wore out a decade ago. And about two dozen items purchased recently that I really like and kept. Seriously, that's about 24 out of 200+ items. Not good odds.

After 2 Rounds of "Clean Out" and one "Bonus Round" to create a Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe and a Spring/Summer Wardrobe, I had 120+ items to donate/swap, 45 items in the capsule wardrobes, and 71 items total in my closet.

Total Items: 218
Total Items: 71
Less than 1% purchased in the last two years.
27 fall/winter items
Most of the items were 7+ years old.
18 spring/summer items
22 tank tops, 20 t-shirts
Extras – 16 specialty items
23 dresses
120+ items for donation/clothing swap
30+ items that need replacement due to wear
~30 items to alter or repurpose
16 pairs of shoes
10 pairs of shoes

I felt so good to let go of all the reasons I kept these items and focus on the present. However, at this point I really do not have enough items left to make a complete capsule wardrobe. Most of my "staple items" for Spring/Summer were either ill-fitting or worn out. And this is Texas, I still need a Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe for another month (and on occasion the whole year). The Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe, is nearly complete though since I actually did a good job shopping for it last year. (Thanks to my husband actually who told me to skip the sales racks and just buy what I needed.)

In the end this is my working list. Public note to self - you must replace these items. They're horrible, look at the reasons why again.

Clothing Replacement List
  • Winter coat (21 years old and looks like a Pizza Hut delivery jacket)
  • Capri pants (Holes, paint, ill-fitting hand-me-downs)
  • Black belt (It broke and you never replaced it)
  • White camisole (It hasn't really been white for a long while)
  • Sports bras - 3 (They were pre-baby and your chest is not)
  • Pencil skirt (Darts should not bubble up.)
  • Exercise pants - 3 (Lost their elasticity and they should ALL have pockets)
  • Summer skirt (Cheap stretch cotton pills horribly)
  • Sun dress - 2 (No stretch recovery, gaping arm holes, too long)
  • Robe (Bleach stained and ill-fitting)
  • Black fitted pants (Fit issues, all of them: too long, too short, low cut, stretch poly, short crotch)
  • Black cardigan (Pilling)
  • White cardigan (Is that so polyester it's shiny?!)
  • Keen everyday shoes (Holes)
  • Tennis shoes (Lack of tread)
  • Casual dress shoes (Blisters)
  • Tank tops - 3 (Arm holes too big, bleach stains, maternity does not fit you)
  • Casual lightweight pants - 3 (Holes, bleach stains, maternity does not fit you)

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  1. It's really difficult to get rid of clothes and shoes that still fit. My closet is somewhat like the before picture of yours. I think I also need to clean up.