Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sight Word Notebook

I recently stumbled across a great notebooking mini-lesson for sight words, but it was $10 and it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I knew I could make one that's similar, it was just a matter of the time investment.  So last night when everyone else went to sleep I used my precious "alone" time to put one together (okay, and catch up on the Next Food Network Star).  And when I make something that could be helpful to others I feel it's only right to share since so many others do the same for me.

Right now the file only contains two sight words but Lil' Hoot loves it so I will add two more each week.  Currently I cut out most of the sections (except the letters of the Build It section of course) as we go then she pastes them into her notebook and completes them.  She then reviews her notebook with her dad each night for extra practice.

Sight Word Notebook

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