Sunday, February 22, 2015

Texas Homeschool Convention

Last week we drove up to Forth Worth for our first homeschool convention, the Great Homeschool Convention - Texas.  I was already excited but upon arrival it was clear that this was going to be a great time. The (discounted) hotel was filled with other homeschool families and kids. Everyone was so kind and the Hilton was beautiful. 

As for the convention, it was certainly difficult to manage two small children while trying to attend lectures.  However, for those lectures I wasn't able to attend I was able to visit their booths.  At first it was a little overwhelming with one expert telling me to start teaching reading at age 3 and another telling me age 8, but I am thankful that attended just the right lecture at just the right time that helped me sort it all out.  And for the good Lord above leading my heart to just the right thing for our family.

It wasn't all just info and curriculum though.  Joe explored the Constructive Playthings booth, which he was unwilling to leave. I can't wait to get some Magna-Tiles and make a light "table".  We popped into Bill of Rights Institute and Doodles Ave. for a bit of exploration on the "good citizenship" front.  I picked up several goodies for teaching high school government and a fun Lone Star coloring book for Lil' Hoot.  She loves it.  And Setria James is lovely.  Support her at Amazon!  I also had a lovely chat with the ladies at Raddish. Their boxes make great gifts!

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