Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hand Embroidered Letters


Hand Embroidered Letters, a set on Flickr.
Last summer I made these letter for Lil' Hoot's room.  I bought economy packs of art canvases then covered three of them in fabric.  For the other two I had Lil' Hoot help me.  The purple 'r' she painted after I painted it purple then I embroidered over the top of it.  The orange 'c' we painted the opposite way and I did a simple outline over the top of the letter.  Obviously the most difficult letter was 'a' but the blanket stitching on it was fun.  My favorite stitching is on the 'r' but the best letter was the 'G' - I love the two tones and the fabric beneath.  Best of all Lil' Hoot loves them.

However...I wasn't thinking when I hung them over her bed.  She is now tall enough that while jumping on her bed she can reach them.  After the second time she took them all down during nap time I had to put them away.  Maybe in another month (or more) I will get around to moving them to the other wall.

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