Friday, October 14, 2011

Step Stool


We have a fair amount of scrap wood hanging out in our garage from a past project that didn't quite make it to completion so I decided to start making progress on my Learn To Make List. This step stool was the first project, made from the plans found on Ana White's website. I altered it slightly to fit the scraps I had on hand. I also did a simple arc at the bottom rather than the cut out in the plans. When it came to screwing the boards together though, I needed some help. My dear husband came to my rescue and we finished it up together.

It works perfectly in the bathroom and gives Lil' Hoot the extra little boost she needs in order to wash her hands all by herself. It also works well in the kitchen but is too heavy for Lil' Hoot to move on her own (which is a good thing).

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