Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doll Stroller Make Over

I found Grace a little doll stroller for a few bucks at a garage sale, but...the seat was icky - slick, stained, odd fabric.  Yuck.  So I knew I'd have to make a new one but it looked simple enough.

I started with this:


Then I ripped it all apart and made the pattern pieces:


And, eventually, I ended up with this:
Finished Stroller

And a very, very happy Lil' Hoot:

I said "eventually" because I forgot to mark where the pieces should be sewn back together and gave myself a little fit until I saw an online tutorial for an almost identical stroller seat and had a realization. Also, I wanted to make this from things I had in my closet already - no running to the store or spending more money on it. So I used stash fabric, ribbon and bias tape instead of canvas webbing and re-used the same buckle. The dolls really aren't picky and neither is Lil' Hoot. I have a feeling it will rip out before too long though since my tiny toddler refuses to believe the stroller is only for dolls.

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