Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lil Hoot's Ear Flap Hat

I used this pattern - Drops Hat in 2 threads - with a 100% wool (washable). It's knit with a double strand so it makes a nice thick fabric that blocks the wind and holds in all her heat.
Perfect for chilly morning walks when only her head is poking out from the Moby wrap and fleece jacket. I left off the strings from the ear flaps for now...maybe I will add them later. I haven't decided. It is still a bit big though so if she happens to be in the stroller then it has a tendency to slide over her eyes. I made the larger size on purpose though since the fabric is so thick and tightly knit it decreases the amount of stretch.
Even still, this hat should easily fit until the end of Spring.

In use on a sunny, but windy kind of day.

Many thanks to Forest (and his Momma) who inspired me to knit an ear flap hat for Lil Hoot.

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