Thursday, May 14, 2009


Both my brother and I had small pillows that we loved. I found the corners of mine to be quite chew-able - this was back in the day before "taggies". So, I naturally assumed that baby Hoot should have a pillow as well. I know it will be awhile still before it can be used, but I found some fat quarters that were just perfect for a pillow case!

I decide to purchase a pre-form pillow since they tend to hold shape better than one I'd stuff myself. I made a plain pillow case using some cotton broadcloth I had on hand for a protection layer. Then I used two fat quarters of this fantastic owl fabric that I found at Home Ec Workshop. It's about as simple of a project as you can get I think! It's overlapped in the back to form an easy on-easy off pocket style pillow case. Plus, I have a few scraps left over for some future embroidery plans!

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