Monday, January 1, 2007

4D and 5D PRO Embroidery Software For Sale

4D and 5D PRO Embroidery Software - $1,000.00
($25 shipping)

Due to medical and life circumstances, I am selling my embroidery machine,
Viking Designer Topaz 30, and the accompanying software. This is the PRO version software, which retails for over $2,400.00! I will register the software to the new owner before it 
ships. Included are all manuals, tutorials, license and dongle for 4D Professional and the 
upgrade to 5D Professional Embroidery Software.  For buyers interested in purchasing the machine and software together, I will offer a package price.

If you are in need of a laptop, I am willing to sell you my brand new 2010 Dell Inspiron 
laptop with the software and all embroideries pre-installed, included several fonts and 
designs I have created for $1,500.00. Please contact me for details.
5D™ Professional / 5D™ Suite
Everything is possible! This package contains the complete range of 5D™ software plus three exclusive modules.
5D™ Embroidery Extra
5D™ ExpressMonogram Wizard
5D™ ExpressDesign Wizards
Machine accessory modules; 5D™ Disk Manager, 5D™ d-card Reader/Writer and 5D™ Reader/Writer; 5D™ File Assistant
5D™ Organizer
5D™ Vision
5D™ Stitch Editor
5D™ Design Aligner
5D™ Sketch
5D™ Cross Stitcher
5D™ Family Tree

5D™ PortraitStitch
Embroider unique color or monochrome embroidery portraits automatically from your own photos.
Create wonderful greeting cards, family quilts, framed pictures and much more with your portraits.

Choose from 10 amazing stitch effects, including color portrait, heritage sepia or monochrome portrait and color tile for an artistic `pointillist’ effect. Try one of the six monochrome linear and linear artistic effects such as spiral or maze to create a single-color embroidery.

Use step-by-step wizards to create portraits of any size easily.

Highlight the most important areas of your photo with the Enhance Focal Area option

Adjust the density of your portrait for different effects.

View your portrait in the hoop.
Improve your photos: Remove background areas and red-eye and use image effects and painting tools to adjust your pictures for the best embroidery result.

Frame the portrait automatically with your choice of 225 frames and corners. Alternatively, create a border around the portrait in one of 50 shapes, using satin stitch, running or triple stitch or even machine motifs.

5D™ Design Creator
Create designs automatically from a picture with the ExpressDesign Wizards - fit the hoop or a selected size, together with full editing and digitizing capabilities:
Create a standard embroidery using satin and fill areas (ExpressEmbroidery).
Trace outlines in a picture, for example to create redwork designs (ExpressTrace).
Create running stitch, motif, satin border or appliqué around enclosed areas in the picture (ExpressBorder).
Create in the real world!
Create designs in real world dimensions and view them in 3D in your hoop.
No need to create stitches before saving; simply save your embroidery.
Print background images as part of your design.
Use vector or raster pictures: Draw or Paint.
Draw or load designs in vector format and convert them to embroidery automatically.
Paint pictures or load designs in raster format.
Save drawings or pictures and send them to the wizards.
Select fill and line types before or after creating objects.
Adjust designs using easy editing features: Convert easily between stitch types and patterns and save favorite styles.
Navigate around the design with the Filmstrip, now with numbered objects for easy reference in training.
Create beautiful lace designs using the lace tools:
Richelieu bars
Tapered motifs
Emboss options for satin and fill
Crosshatch and parallel fill.
Continuous satin gives smoother stitching.
Fill patterns and techniques are amazing – choose from over 250 fill patterns or make your own. Emboss fill areas with personal highlights. Set the start and end of fill areas if desired and use up to 500 holes. Use gradient density to produce beautiful shading effects. Multicolor Gradient fill helps you create spectacular effects in your designs.
Beautiful specialty fill types include Contour, Radial, Spiral, Shape Fill with 50 shape options and motif options, QuiltStipple fill.
Appliqué options for all areas.
Embellish your designs with your own machine stitch motifs. Also choose from Universal motifs such as the beautiful Hand Stitches.
Create Freehand areas and lines by placing points or drawing.
Create feathered satin and texture both edges of a satin stitch for special embroidery effects on fur or flowers.
Design your own motifs or machine stitches.
5D™ Font Digitizing
Create your own Fonts to use in the 5D™ Embroidery System
75 Bonus embroidery designs
System Requirements
Windows® 7, Vista or XP
PC with Intel processor or equivalent (1 GHz or higher)
2GB hard disk space
Screen resolution 1024 x 768, 16 million colors
Mouse or drawing tablet
DVD-Rom drive
USB port

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